Banjo. Hard hitting drums. Big guitars. Leonard Cohen meets Tom Waits meets Henry Rollins kind-of-vibe. These songs of Lament draw you in & you can almost watch the film in your mind.

Jack-Daniel's Sour Feelings was founded by Jack-Daniel Roussel in Red Deer, Alberta. All songs are written and composed by Jack-Daniel Roussel. This style of music is called Trashgrass.

Trashgrass, a mixture of bluegrass and metal cocktail together with a hint of coarse vocals. During live performances, Jack-Daniel Roussel would be accompanied by local talent, some of the best talent in the Alberta area.

The first EP, released on March 10th, contains 4 original heavy songs each of them different from the other. The EP was recorded by Melodious Design and produced by Heath West who also worked with many talented Canadians musicians.

A veteran of over 50 shows, Jack-Daniel's Sour Feelings has proven itself as an energetic and entertaining live performances.